Bob_tuckwellBob Tuckwells 50 years experience in the marine industry including several years in the Mediterranean driving a variety of privately owned and charter vessels has given him a vast amount of recreational and commercial boating knowledge. He holds a Current Master V and MED2 marine certificate and is active in the local sporting arena including yacht racing and competitive tennis. Bob retains a very good relationship with his international associates to ensure a hassle free experience when importing vessels into Australia.

Marino_skokoMarino Skoko, a friend of Bob’s for the past twenty years has the enviable job of sailing around the Mediterranean in his yacht for six months of the year while actively sourcing suitable sail and motor yachts to import to Australia. He is a competent marine electrician, mechanic and rigger. Marino speaks Croatian, German, Italian and English and is the guy you want on your team when choosing a boat to import into Australia.